On July 8, 2018, I find myself back in Nashville. I am back for another show and to explore more of East Nashivlle. I am heading to a place to catch Daisey Dead's DJ set at Vinyltap. Night falls when I arrive in Nashville. Ghost ads will be hard to notice but the neons lights will shine bright. Unfortunately, I didnt find any new on trip in. I did spot a couple of new murals. Snaking my way through the streets, I arrive at my destination.

I get to Vinyltap, a large room that is half bar, half record store. I leave my camera in the car. I am weaponless and my anxiety grows. This is the first trip leaving it in the car in 3yrs. I need to grow and venture out solo. No hiding behind the camera, let the fear wash over me and attempt to return to my former self. I meet Daisy, she is behind the 1s and 2s. She come out to meet me. We hug and I nervously explain my weekend try not going into detail. Nervous Mike is a chatty Kathy. She is really pretty, so it doesn't help, but I compose myself for the time being.

The night moves along and the nervousness is gone. I peruse the records while she spins and chats with fans and customers ask for request. It's a fun night back and forth conversation and request, but all good things must come to an end. The show is over and I took zero picture. A good a accomplishment for me personally but I feel it might have been a bit of an ass later in our text conversation. Not sure maybe it's my anxiety.I leave Vinyltap and head downtown to look for more neon. This city is so big. I will have to dedicate a weekend to just this. It scares me because all the other big cities I have planned might be worse. Stop and go traffic gives me a chance to look in all directions. Most towns would be dead on a Sunday night. There are people everywhere. I look at my phone, the time is the latest when I get home. I found myself on Broadway. The lone car amongst Uber/Lyfts and a couple of good old fashion cabs. All the windows are down letting the sounds and air in. It's hot and loud. Guitars and drums putting out at least 7 different songs that I can hear. There most be at least 1000 plus people in the stretch of five blocks. I get what I needed and make my escape for 8th ave. I hit up the usual stop for gas and Red Bull. Same Sunday night clerk, hey how you beens and we crack a few jokes. I fill up and two hours to Huntsville.

Driving Soundtrack

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