September 10th, I get a phone call from my editor, Sam Mitchell. He tells me about an idea for a project that he wants to start. He gives me the run down for Blood Sweat & Type. Since I am always on the go, he asks if I can take pictures of old neon signs and ghost ads. I am familiar with what ghost ads are, but I do a quick Google search. Awesome, I say, I'm down for the adventure.

I go out and explore Huntsville. I am based out of Huntsville, Alabama. A growing town full of Rockets and engineers. I spend a few hours and find some great stuff. Unfortunately, when I send it to Sam it's not what he is looking for but he does express his appreciation of the drive I have for the project.

The next day we meet up and i get a better understanding of what he wants. After hitting the streets of downtown and old town we find gold. Couple of ghost ads and old neons. He gives me the go ahead to venture out solo and so it begins. First stop Decatur.


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