The Last Cattle Auction

November 4, 2013By Sam Mitchell

“Each year since 2003, during the last two weeks of September, SlowExposures transforms rural Pike County, Georgia, into a showcase of contemporary photography that interprets the American rural South.” – This year, 66 images out of about 1,000 were chosen to be in SlowExposures. It was my first time entering any photography show. To my surprise … Read More


June 3, 2013By Sam Mitchell

After I moved back to my home town with my wife and new baby, we quickly started getting out in the community. We had to. Even though a slower pace was one of the reasons that we moved here after having lived in Atlanta, we weren’t quite ready for the shift. The place that we … Read More

Two Degrees from Kevin Bacon

May 1, 2013By Sam Mitchell

I actually used to post that I was two degrees from Kevin Bacon on my résumé. During my senior year of college, I was a featured extra in a movie. The movie was Road Trip. I thought stating this on paper would be a good ice breaker for interviews. It was. It wasn’t a good movie, but it was … Read More

Vader in a Bow Tie

October 26, 2011By Sam Mitchell

Black tie, white gloves, patent leather shoes, red velvet-lined cape, obsidian helmet with built in life-support. Wait, what? That’s right fanboys and girls, Vader knows how to kick it up a notch. He’s quite dapper when he wants to be. In first grade, my friend Brennan’s dad performed a gig as Darth Vader for my … Read More

Good Morning Batman

April 24, 2011By Sam Mitchell

My friend Meg wrote me yesterday. “You know how sometimes daycare centers like to paint murals of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, and while you can tell who they’re meant to be, they end being so off that they look demonic? Almost like they are actually acid-laced paper?” I knew exactly what she meant. I … Read More

Thank You Irvin Kershner

November 30, 2010By Sam Mitchell

Yesterday I heard about the deaths of two people who shaped my limited experiences for the better as child. This may sound clichéd, but it’s completely true. The first was comedic actor Leslie Nielsen; the second was Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner. My first encounter with Leslie Nielsen was with Airplane! and The Naked … Read More

Ponce de Leon and the End of Time

October 26, 2010By Sam Mitchell

After a Friday night bachelor party that consisted of strip clubs, tattoos, and the longest walk on one of Atlanta’s most dangerous streets at 3 in the morning, I knew the next day would be for physical recovery. Luckily, I’m a planner. I had decided  that Saturday would be dedicated to finally finishing what was … Read More