June 30, 2012By Sam Mitchell

As an artist, I appreciate aesthetics in many forms. One of those forms is as a toy collector. Recently, my hobby has turned more serious as I have taken on the role of Curator for ShelfLife. Currently, I’m working on the Raiders of the Lost Ark series and the Super Powers Collection (both by Kenner).

Vader in a Bow Tie

October 26, 2011By Sam Mitchell

Black tie, white gloves, patent leather shoes, red velvet-lined cape, obsidian helmet with built in life-support. Wait, what? That’s right fanboys and girls, Vader knows how to kick it up a notch. He’s quite dapper when he wants to be. In first grade, my friend Brennan’s dad performed a gig as Darth Vader for my … Read More

Good Morning Batman

April 24, 2011By Sam Mitchell

My friend Meg wrote me yesterday. “You know how sometimes daycare centers like to paint murals of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, and while you can tell who they’re meant to be, they end being so off that they look demonic? Almost like they are actually acid-laced paper?” I knew exactly what she meant. I … Read More

Your Memories Have Lied

February 26, 2011By Sam Mitchell

I only remember watching “Small Wonder” a few times as a kid at a friend’s house. And for the longest time, if someone ever brought it up, I’d always remember it being great. Well folks, my memories have lied. That show was terrible. You need only watch a few seconds of the above clip to … Read More

Thank You Irvin Kershner

November 30, 2010By Sam Mitchell

Yesterday I heard about the deaths of two people who shaped my limited experiences for the better as child. This may sound clichéd, but it’s completely true. The first was comedic actor Leslie Nielsen; the second was Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner. My first encounter with Leslie Nielsen was with Airplane! and The Naked … Read More

Ponce de Leon and the End of Time

October 26, 2010By Sam Mitchell

After a Friday night bachelor party that consisted of strip clubs, tattoos, and the longest walk on one of Atlanta’s most dangerous streets at 3 in the morning, I knew the next day would be for physical recovery. Luckily, I’m a planner. I had decided  that Saturday would be dedicated to finally finishing what was … Read More