I actually used to post that I was two degrees from Kevin Bacon on my résumé. During my senior year of college, I was a featured extra in a movie. The movie was Road Trip. I thought stating this on paper would be a good ice breaker for interviews. It was.

It wasn’t a good movie, but it was a great experience. With my professors’ collective permission I missed a few classes, and I learned the value of “hurrying to wait.”

I met Ivan Reitman, the director of  Stripes and Ghostbusters, and was privy to the backstage moments of the movie industry for a few days which were nothing but long exercises in waiting. On set breaks I hung out twice with Seann William Scott, ate catered meals, and started a rumor that Steven Speilberg was visiting the set


The rumor actually made it back to my home town. One day I randomly bumped into acquaintances from Thomaston who traveled to Athens because they simply wanted a glimpse of Speilberg.

Once the movie premiered I was actually able to see myself, albeit for two seconds, on the big screen. I momentarily shared the frame with character actor Fred Ward.  So now instead of being a passive player in Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, I am able to use myself as a bridge. Sam Mitchell to Fred Ward in Road Trip, Fred Ward to Kevin Bacon in Tremors.

Thus ended my “acting career”, but I will always be connected to pop-culture in a personal manner.