I only remember watching “Small Wonder” a few times as a kid at a friend’s house. And for the longest time, if someone ever brought it up, I’d always remember it being great. Well folks, my memories have lied. That show was terrible. You need only watch a few seconds of the above clip to realize that your memories have been lying to you too. The voice. Oh god, the voice, the laugh track, the canned reactions, the creepy… everything. I wonder if the actor who played the nerd in the bow tie has ever seen the True Companion robots as an adult? Do you think his younger self wondered if that particular episode would be prophetic? Maybe Vicki now works for True Companion. Maybe the grown, bow-tied nerd actor knows this. What a weird reunion show that would make.

My fondness of “Small Wonder” must have been due to the fact that it was a show about a robot. I always wanted a robot and my obsession with them was well known in elementary school. So well that my school-aged peers nicknamed me “beep-bop boy”. No joke. I’m sure that I wished that I was a cyborg too, but I’m banking that it was because of the influence of 1985′s D.A.R.Y.L. I remember that movie being great as well so, it probably sucked, but it starred Barret Oliver, the actor who played Bastian from The NeverEnding Story. What happened to that kid?

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