Magic is Science

Magic is Science was an art collective that I began with two other artists (2010-2012). The purpose was to bring a pop-culture aware show to the Atlanta art scene. Gone were the pedantic shows of wine and cheese (we had beer and cookies). The number of artists grew, and so did the number of shows.

Ambassadeurs. Aristide Bruant dans son cabaret.
Illustration of Fourth Doctor as Illustrated by Toulouse-Lautrec
Illustration of Fourth Doctor as Illustrated by Toulouse-Lautrec

Above: Toulouse Lautrec's "Ambassadeurs: Aristide Bruant" as interpreted as the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker. The pen and ink illustration was scanned and the colored and textured in Adobe Photoshop.

Atreyu Action Figure

A major toy line was never created for The NeverEnding Story. Children from the '80s (and now) were never allowed to recreate their favorite scenes from this pinnacle children's movie: Falcor flying, Bastian screaming "Moonchild", Artax drowning, etc... What if there had been a toy line?
Custom card design is based on Kenner Star Wars line / Custom painted Tonto figure by Gabriel / Gmork image from the Chronicles of Narnia: Wer-Wolf figure / Remaining images are from the film)

Robot Sculpture by Mike Klapthor

Robot by Mike Klapthor, Klapthor's Universal Robots.

Falcor Plush by Maria Teresa Garcia

Falcor by Maria Teresa Garcia

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Prints can be found at Society6.