Kismet Candle Company

Kismet Candles do all of the talking because they understand that using high quality wax, fragrances, and wicks do matter and make a big difference in how a candle burns and smells.

When creating the identity for Kismet, I wanted to design a logo with a hidden image, something subtle, that would last far beyond its initial inception. If you look closely (maybe squint), you can see the abstract "K" that is made from the center flame. The flame "K" has been the mark of Kismet now for more than 20 years.

Kismet Candle
Image of Kismet Candles Thumbnail
Kismet Candle

Like most of my branding work, concepts begin with thumbnail sketches. It's very traditional, but it allows your thoughts to move fluidly onto paper. Critical thinking, editing, and omissions can be workshopped before concepts are made digital.

Concept Sketch of Kismet Candles Logo
Amanda Deljou with her Kismet Candles

Above: Thumbnail work of logo

Above: Kismet Candle Company founder, Amanda Deljou