Out of This World

Out of this World Cakes and Cookies began as a fund raiser for Kellie Schultz's daughter to attend Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. She hoped she could raise enough to cover her tuition, and surprisingly sold enough cookies and cakes to cover her tuition and to help five students go to camp! As requests came, Out of This World CC realized they could combine their two loves, painting and baking, and a new business was born.

Out of this World Logo
Logos Style Sheet for OOTWCC

Space needed to be evident in the design, but how do you do this without adding a rocket? In Huntsville, many business are branded with the name "rocket" or imagery of rockets. This direction would not be sustainable if Out of This World wanted to be noticed. Instead, a Kawii style cookie as a planet became the  recognizable logomark.


Dark Matter


Meteorite Cookie


Moon Cookie

Above: Main logomark on cookie pattern

Above: Floating cupcake UFO that references The X-Files iconic poster in Fox Mulder's office